PhoenixNet Portfolio

A highlight of my accomplishments thus-far, including projects, feats, and learning experiences.

Who / What is "PhoenixNet"?

PhoenixNet, essentially, is like Microsoft's "Psuedo-brands" Contoso or Adatum.
It's purpose is to brand everything in my lab, giving it one big feeling of belonging and unification.
Branding my projects really conveys that feeling of identity and professionalism.


Based off NextCloud, and hosted inside of TrueNAS, this is my go-to "Selfhosted Cloud" for saving my personal files for easy access anywhere. One of my very first projects!

3CX SIP/VoIP Server

Using 3CX and Cisco IP phones, I designed and deployed a fully functional SIP-based VoIP system in my lab.

PhoenixNet CDN

My "personal Imgur" of sorts, allowing hosting of screenshots taken by myself, as well as shortening URLs, hosting text-files, etc. Especially useful for sharing screenshots when uploading images isn't possible in a client.

NGINX (Nginx-proxy-manager)

The efficient way I serve the multiple webservers that I host within PhoenixNet as a whole. Managing NGINX and SSL all configurable via a WebUI.

vCenter / vSphere

The two things that got me into, and addicted to virtualization of my infrastructure. PhoenixNet is a 100% VMware lab based off VMWare's top products: ESXi and vCenter.

Windows Server / Active Directory

Allowing for SSO (Single Sign On) across vCenter, SMB Shares, and Domain-joined Windows PCs. Also shapes DNS traffic within PhoenixNet allowing for custom DNS records on-site.

UniFi Networking

At the core of PhoenixNet's infrastructure is Ubiquti's UniFi Networking hardware routing traffic throughout PhoenixNet via Layer 3 switching and top of the line AC wireless hardware for wireless communication.

DellEMC / Dell Server Equipment

The brains of the operation, DellEMC hardware (R-Series Poweredge Servers) run the various operations that PhoenixNet serve.