PhoenixNet Portfolio

A highlight of my accomplishments thus-far with PhoenixNet including projects, feats, and learning experiences.


Based off NextCloud, and hosted inside of TrueNAS, this is my go-to "Selfhosted Cloud" for saving my personal files for easy access anywhere. One of my very first projects!

3CX SIP/VoIP Server

Using 3CX and Cisco IP phones, I designed, deployed, a fully functional SIP-based VoIP system in my lab.

PhoenixNet CDN

My "personal Imgur" of sorts, allowing hosting of screenshots taken by myself, as well as shortening URLs, hosting text-files, etc. Especially useful for sharing screenshots when uploading images isn't possible in a client.

NGINX (Nginx-proxy-manager)

The efficient way I serve the multiple webservers that I host within PhoenixNet as a whole. Managing NGINX and SSL all configurable via a WebUI.

vCenter / vSphere

The two things that got me into, and addicted to virtualization of my infrastructure. PhoenixNet is a 100% VMware lab based off VMWare's top products: ESXi and vCenter.

Windows Server / Active Directory

Allowing for SSO (Single Sign On) across vCenter, SMB Shares, and Domain-joined Windows PCs. Also shapes DNS traffic within PhoenixNet allowing for custom DNS records on-site.

UniFi Networking

At the core of PhoenixNet's infrastructure is Ubiquti's UniFi Networking hardware routing traffic throughout PhoenixNet via Layer 3 switching and top of the line AC wireless hardware for wireless communication.

DellEMC / Dell Server Equipment

The brains of the operation, DellEMC hardware (R-Series Poweredge Servers) run the various operations that PhoenixNet serve.