Hosting / Services

Do you need hosting? Well now you can rent starting at $5/month!

Available Services:

All available options are listed below. Additional configurations are available upon request.
Please note that the following plans are billed on a monthly basis, and payment / delievery is not automated.
Payment is accepted via Paypal or cryptocurrency, and is handled on an individual case-by-case basis.


Ever wanted to play your favorite game with your friends, but avoid the riff-raff of larger servers?
We host servers for: Minecraft, Terraria, Unturned, or almost any other game.
Prices vary depending on game and host expectations (player count, storage-usage, etc.)
Purchase includes: setup, support, and server administration.


Do you need cheap additional storage space for your project? Or maybe additional cloud storage?
We offer storage-space, either raw or via PhoenixCloud (NextCloud) to rent.
Space allocations range from 100GB - 1000GB.
(Note: The Storage medium is a SAS RAID Array available at gigabit access speeds.)


Do you use the popular ShareX screenshot tool? This will certainly enhance the experience!
We offer dedicated hosting for your very own personal ShareS Server.
This allows you to easily access your ShareX screenshots from your own URL, as well as text-files and much more!
(Note: Storage is capped to 64GB on your instance.)


Do you need dedicated hosting for your Discord bot? Look no further!
We offer support for hosting an array of different types of bots on most if not all languages.
Direct-access will be made available via web-interface and will permit you full-control of your bot at all times.
(Note: Access is granted through Apache Guacamole, and your instance resources will be capped.)

Sales Information:

If you are interested in any of the above services, please feel free to reach out via email.
After negoiation of desired services, your contract will be created.
Please feel free to ask further questions in your email request.
By purchasing service, you agree to the following: UPP & PSA.


By choosing PhoenixNet, you agree to the following policies below:
PhoenixNet AuP/EuA (Acceptable Usage Policy / External User Agreement)
Failure to follow the policies listed will result in termination of service without refund.
No Exceptions, Period. Read it.